Our service has been discontinued due to COVID pandamic. Please dispose your scraps at nearby service. Customers will be informed if we resume our service. Thanks for understanding and your support.


Get Money for your house hold junk sitting at your home...
Trash Request

Upon your request, our service will be at your door step for free of cost to collect your house hold junk ( Milk cover, Old Newspapers, Plastics, Iron, Aluminium etc.., ) and you will be paid for that.

Get a right person for your task

We supply electrician, plumber, carpenter etc.., for you, upon your task request sent to kuppathotti.com without any commission. You just pay for your task directly to them.

Why me?

  • Want to be eco-friendly and save nation?
  • Want to spend your little leisure time with
             family but not to trash your junk?
  • Want to make money at your door step
             for your house hold junk?
  • Don’t find time to sell your house hold junk?
  • Lazy to go out and sell your trash?
  • Don’t find scrap buyers around your
  • Don’t want to trouble the elders by assigning
             the task of searching scrap buyers?
  •        If you nod, then dump me with junk...

    About me

    Welcome to www.kuppathotti.com

    Believe me, It is free of cost.
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