Terms and conditions :

  • Your phone number, email-id and details are highly confidential.
  • Requested job may be neglected in case of unavoidable situation.
  • Company is not responsible for the wage, given to the workers (Electrician, plumber etc.,) who come for fixing your jobs.
  • If company finds, given contact details are false then the relevant account and Job will be closed.
  • Your valuable comments or complaints will be taken into account.
  • If company people identified the junk is in bad condition or not useful to us or theft things then we won't buy it.
  • Once junks are sealed , it can't be replaced.
  • We are not responsible for the items in junk which you missed without knowing your knowledge.
  • We are using fraudless weighing machine.
  • Check the received amount and make your signature on the list provided by our collection executive.
  • We are not collecting all the Items which come under "Others" in Trash request.
  • Keep the items ready before our collection executive's arrival.
  • Our people will not do any house keeping works.
  • Cross verify your customer id with the list carrying by our collection executives to avoid unauthorized persons who is not from kuppathotti.com.

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